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Embrace a New Experience at Nuri
Embrace a New Experience at Nuri
Inspired by life and loved ones, Nuri was established in the summer of 2016. Featuring Korean-Mexican fusion street foods, Nuri is dedicated to delivering one-of-a-kind dishes and elevating the casual dining experience. Nuri was born from a simple idea - to give the Rio Grande Valley something fresh and different. And that's exactly what we're doing.
Fusion Food
Innovative dishes that bring together unbelievably delicious flavors from different cultures.
El Mero Takuero
There are dozens of food trucks and hundreds of restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley. But there's only one El Mero Takuero. We're not talking tacos. We're talking takos. Come see why we are like no other.
Catering Wherever You Are
We haven’t forgotten our food truck roots. We’re ready to cater your event anywhere in the RGV.
We Love Making Our Dishes- You’ll Love Eating Them
We know how easy it can be to fall into a rut. Following the same routine, day in and day out. Add some Nuri in your life and reinvigorate your palate. From authentic Korean kimchi to made-from-scratch pork buns, you’ll love the love that we give our food.
Culture You Can Eat
Nuri is a family-owned restaurant with a dedication to serving flavorful combinations of food. We’re talking savory rice bowls, scrumptious kimchi fritas, tempting (and spicy) chicken wings, outstanding chips and queso, fusion-styled takos, too-good-to-believe tofu salads, breakfast plates, refreshingly cold brews, and so much more.
Flavors. Textures. Spices. Tastes galore. We do fusion street food. And we do it well.
You know what goes perfectly with Korean Karnitas takos? An ice-cold margarita or a tantalizingly savory brew.
We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer services in a great family-friendly environment. Catch a game, enjoy a kimchi rice bowl, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Pork Belly $4.95
Scratch made bao bun, bulgogi sauce, pork belly, house pickles, kimchi, pickled onions, sesame seed dust, salsa tomatillo.
Yard Bird $4.95
Scratch made bao bun, hoisin, cajun fried chicken, house pickles, kimchi, pickled onions, sriracha slaw, salsa ranchera.
Lilybean $4.95
Scratch made bao bun, teriyaki, seared tofu, house pickles, sesame seed dust, salsa tomatillo.


Kimchi $2.00
Sriracha Slaw $1.50
House Pickles $1.50
Pickled Onions & Carrots $1.00


The Nuri Tako $4.25
6`` flour tort, carne cecina, choriquezo, grilled onions, cilantro, salsa tomatillo.
Korean Karnitas $3.95
6`` flour tort, bulgogi pork belly, ponzu, valley lemon slaw, pickled onions, cilantro, salsa tomatillo, salsa ranchera.
Devine Swine $4.25
6`` flour tort, grilled pork belly, ponzu, valley lemon slaw, pickled onions, cilantro, salsa tomatillo.
The Yard Bird $4.50
6`` flour tort, shredded mozzarella, Cajun fried chicken tenderloin, sriracha slaw, pickled onions, cilantro, salsa ranchera.
The Indigo Child $3.75
Corn torts, mushrooms, zucchini, shredded carrots, Valley lemon slaw, cilantro, salsa tomatillo.
El Megi $4.25
Corn torts, deep-fried catfish (USA), sriracha slaw, garlic & lemon juice, hot sauce.
Dirty Thirty $110.00
(The O.G. food truck tacos - 5`` flour tort)
12 Nuri Takos, 10 Korean Karnitas, 8 Yard Bird.

Littles Menu

2 Tenders $4.99
Grilled Cheese $4.99
2 Baby Dilas $4.99
2 Baby Nuris $4.99

Rice Bowls

Rice Bowl $8.75
Choose White or Brown Rice.
Add Kimchi $1.25.
Choice of Protein: Fajita, Pork Belly, Grilled Chicken, Tofu, Vegetable Medley.
Add Organic Egg $1.50.


``Healthy`` Salad $7.25
Kimchi Frites $9.75
Nuri Frites $4.75
Q-Dila $7.75

Side Action

Bacon J-Bombs (6) $11.25
Single - $2.25
10 Wings $9.50
Sweet or Spicy
Elote in a Cup $4.95
Buttered corn, kewpie mayo, chili garlic oil, gochujang, cilantro, togarashi.
Queso N' Chips
8oz $4.95
12oz $7.25
16oz ``Party Size`` $10.25

House queso, guac scoop, chorizo, quesco fresco, chips.

Guac N' Chips
8oz $5.25
Guac, beak of rooster, chips.
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Get It Now!
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